A friend when applying online.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, it is for this reason that throughout your submission a specialist will accompany you. Alarm Quebec offers you a personalized approach throughout quebec with specialists who are there to answer all your questions and provide you with only the best prices and offers that match your needs. Your safety is all that matters to us.

Security awareness in Montreal.

The importance of an alarm system has always been pushed in Montrealers to secure their home and/or business from break-ins. With the latest events of 2020 and 2021 regarding the pandemic, the curfew has allowed a great reduction in these incidents. In January 2020, the break-in rate was 623 and it reduced to 344 in January 2021.Fortunately, the situation regarding the pandemic is improving day by day, but this leads to the responsibility of Montrealers to have to secure their places of importance again in the coming days. In just a few months, the rate of break and entry has increased dramatically. 379 cases were reported in June 2021, bringing us to 2,059 break and enter between January and June 2021. Alarm Quebec is always there for you with its professionals and security advisors to ensure you the best protection and especially the best prices.

We are your eyes.

When our customers need remote monitoring, it is important for us to offer only the best cameras in terms of quality and price on the market in Canada. That is why we make sure that they follow the criteria of the latest technology on the market with HD cameras and night vision. See clearly at any time of the day, wherever you are!

Did you know?

If you have home or commercial insurance, you can take advantage of a discount on it! When you have a security system connected to a central, your insurer can give you a certain percentage of discount to save you money. Visit our website for even more savings from the most credible companies in terms of safety in Montreal.

Good to know.

In addition to the contacts, cameras and motion detectors that are known in alarm systems; home automation is another small asset that can be added to your security system. These little gadgets are also known to simplify your life whether when you are on site, or at a distance from your secure place, giving it the opportunity to become a smart home or business. Whether it is turning on the lights and electronic devices or adjusting the temperature of a room remotely, seeing who is at your door with the smart doorbell or making sure the doors are locked, the home automation system offers you security, comfort, and savings. Ask to learn more with your specialist during your online application at Alarm Québec.

Center Panel.

Your center panel is the brain of your alarm system, so why not better include it in its new habitat? For a sleek and intuitive display, Alarm Quebec offers options for touch panels of the latest generation on the market in Montreal. Whether it’s to arm, disarm or simply play with the gadgets of home automation, the central panel melts into your décor.

Fires in Quebec.

There is currently an average of 16,500 fires in Quebec each year, or 45 per day. Of this average, 5,600 are residential (15 per day) and these fires are often caused by: negligence, distraction, misuse of equipment, source of ignition and flaw in design, construction, or installation. Between 2015 and 2017, 131 fire deaths were reported. Of the residential buildings burned annually, 68% were equipped with a smoke alarm or a fire alarm system. Of the residential buildings burned annually, 68% were equipped with a smoke alarm or a fire alarm system. In 25% of cases (almost 1 time out of 4) these did not work. “In summary, more than 33% of .